Artificial Insemination with frozen or chilled semen.

Embryo Transfer using DEVRE or traditional flush.

Stallion Services include phantom training, chilled shipping, freezing and storage.


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Performance Horse Management

Management program for performance year:
– Nutrition requirements
– training
– stress management
– getting the most out of your equine athlete.

Diagnostics and treatment plans for the injured athlete.

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Getting your horse ready for the performance season.

Corrective dentistry.

Caring for the retired athlete.

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Performance Horse Medicine & Reproduction

At Charles Ranch Equine we focus on Western Performance Horse Medicine and Reproduction.

Performance Horse Medicine encompasses preventative medicine, diagnostics and treatment plans for the top equine athlete.

As a performance horse practice we start at the beginning – breeding the next generation of equine champions. This includes artificial insemination, embryo transfer, stallion services and foaling your mare.