Artificial Insemination

At Charles Ranch Reproduction Center, we offer Artificial Insemination which is today’s breeding standard for many types of horses. Semen collection and insemination techniques have been refined to make AI an excellent reproductive choice. We practice all modern tequniques, including deep horn insemination which increases conception with frozen semen.

Timing is critical for successful conception and mares must be monitored closely. To do this, we offer a full on-site boarding program. We also handle all logistics of getting the semen to us. This includes all permits. Charles Ranch Reproduction have a great track record of getting the semen on time from US destinations.

Benefits of Artificial Insemination

Breeding Of Problem Mares

Some mares may have physical or internal disabilities that prevent them from being live covered.

Breed At Best Time Of Conception

Because we can store semen either cooled or frozen, mares can be bred when they are most suited for conception.

Disease Control

It protects against the transmission of contagious diseases and bacteria.

Decrease Chance Of Injury

Semen is collected on a phantom and a mare in heat may not be needed. This eliminates injury to the mare.

Evaluate Semen At Breed

With AI we can look and measure parameters related to fertility every time we use the semen.