The Charles Ranch Reproduction Center is located 13 km south of Ashcroft BC, Canada over-looking the beautiful Thompson River Valley.

Lead by Dr. Quinn Gavaga, the team at Charles Ranch Reproduction Center strives for the best service and care it can, for your breeding horses.

Charles Ranch Reproduction Center is the Equine Reproduction wing of the Cache Creek Veterinary Hospital. We also offer full equine reproduction diagnostics and treatments.


Breeding programs are more than just putting two animals together to produce offspring. Each generation must supercede the previous and bring improvement to the breed. It is the duty of a breeder to keep this focus. Breeding is a balance between phenotype and genotype. We describe phenotype as the visual characteristics of that animal; conformation, balance, structure, capacity and temperament. We describe genotype mainly as production characteristics. For horses these are measured as abilities to learn and perform. We place very close attention to all of these qualities.

The enjoyment for us is the patience and time it takes to produce a quality animal from selecting the breeding to a finished product of that breeding. Breeding is a lifetime goal and does not happen quickly. We are not in it for the short term and as the saying goes, ‘we have nothing but time’.