Equine Reproduction


Artificial Insemination

At Charles Ranch Equine, we offer Artificial Insemination as a part of our equine reproduction program. This is today’s breeding standard for many types of horses. Semen collection and insemination techniques have been refined to make AI an excellent reproductive choice. We practice all modern techniques in, including deep horn insemination which increases conception with frozen semen.

Timing for equine reproduction is critical for successful conception and mares must be monitored closely. To do this, we offer a full on-site boarding program. We also handle all logistics of getting the semen to us. This includes all permits. Charles Ranch Equine have a great track record of getting the semen on time from US destinations.


Breeding Of Problem Mares

Breed At Best Time Of Conception

Disease Control

Decrease Chance Of Injury

Evaluate Semen At Breed


Embryo Transfer

At Charles Ranch Equine, we use the process of equine embryo transfer. It is a safe procedure in equine reproduction which involves the collection and transfer of a fertilized egg, or embryo, from a donor mare to a synchronized recipient mare. The donor mare can be bred via artificial insemination using fresh, cooled or frozen semen, or live covered. The breeding of the mare is identical to breeding mares destined to carry their own foal. The recipient then carries to term and delivers.

To ensure the best chance of success, we offer full board for your mare. We also have a large herd of recipient mares. This allows us to make sure the recipient mares are completely synchronized with the donor, resulting in a higher chance of a positive result.

Why Embryo Transfer?

Mare has restricted reproductive potential.

Keep competing on your prized mare.

Breed multiple foals from one mare.


Recipient Mares

We have a herd of healthy and fertile recipient mares available as a part of our equine reproduction program. The benefits of having a recipient herd available is that through close monitoring, we are able to match recipients to the donor mare. This also means you do not need to provide mares. Once the recipient mare is confirmed pregnant, she will then go home with you to foal out. At the completion of weaning the foal, the recipient mare will then be returned to Charles Ranch Equine.