Fresh Semen Collection and Shipping Contract

Haul in stallion owners will set their own schedules for collection.  Charles Ranch Equine collects all weekdays except for Statutory Holidays.  If semen is not being picked up at the Charles Ranch Equine it is advised NOT to ask for a collection on a Friday, due to courier schedules. 

We advise that you have your vet contact us directly with the status on the mare leading up to the collection.  They can contact as often as they like at cell/text: 250 457 7426 or email

We recommend that the owner is available or make arrangements for semen pickup from a main FedEx distribution center (at their destination).  Some rural veterinarians may not get a shipment in 24 hours.  Semen will usually arrive to a distribution center within 24 hours but may require a sub contractor to deliver to a remote location, and this may take another day.  However, the semen can usually be picked up and delivered by the owner. ***Ask your vet which courier is the most reliable for deliveries to their facility!  The more advance notice we have, the better we can plan logistics.  

Once the contract is signed and returned, we will email an invoice that can be paid online.  Once the fees are paid, we will notify the stallion owner.


Breeding Vet

2. The owner agrees to pay the collection and processing fess to Charles Ranch Equine before semen is collected. *
3. The owner agrees to pay all courier charges before semen is collected. This price will be based on a quote from the shipper. If the price is more that quoted, the owner agrees to pay the difference. *
4. Charles Ranch Equine will use FedEx unless an alternate courier is requested, but Charles Ranch Equine will not be liable for any delays or damage that occurs during shipping that results in a damaged or unbreedable dose. It is the owners responsibility to request insurance from the courier, if the courier offers insurance for cooled semen. *
5. For Shipped Cooled Semen the Owner must notify via email to Charles Ranch Equine ( of any agent, representative or professional (Agent) who may be handling the outside breeding of the Owner’s mare, and that they can order semen collection on behalf of the Owner. *
6. For Shipped Cooled Semen the Owner or Agent must notify Charles Ranch Equine by 5pm the night before collection. This must be done by text or phone call (250 457 7426). If the semen collection is cancelled after 8am of collection day the Collection Fee must still be paid, and the subsequent Collection Fee will be paid. *
7. Charles Ranch guarantees viability of semen suitable for breeding purposes once processed and ready for shipment. Charles Ranch Equine does not take responsibility for any damage or degradation of semen that occurs after it leaves Charles Ranch Equine. Charles Ranch Equine or the Stallion Owner is not responsible for any denied claims by the shipping company. *
8. The Owner agrees to hold harmless and waives right to sue for any reason Charles Ranch Equine, its parent company, any of its employees, family or agents, even in the event of neglect. *
9. The Owner and Charles Ranch Equine agree to a non-disclosure of any negative, harmful, or defamatory remarks about each other for an indefinite period of time. *
10. The Owner understands that this contract originates in the Kamloops District and any legal action taken by any party in this contract that leads to a court engagement will happen in Kamloops, B.C. Canada. *
11. The Owner agrees to pay legal and collection fees for the collection fees described in this contract, in the event the Owner defaults on any payment described in this contract. *
By typing your name and clicking SUBMIT, you agree to all terms set out in this contract. *